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Skype Is Definitely No Snapchat!

And They Prove It Time And Time Again!

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Skype Is Definitely No Snapchat!© 2018 Skype

With the new Android app update, Skype lets you keep memories. 

Sure, they've added a few filters here and there which made people say they adopted Snapchat's idea of a good time. But seriously, Skype begs to disagree. Being one of the messaging software grand daddies, Skype proved to continue delivering new features for the new generation.

Besides, Snapchat provides you with short-time happiness, with the new Android app update, Skype lets you keep memories. Knowing that you would love to play those memorable video messages over and over again, Skype now lets you keep it forever.

With just a tap you can choose to save it to your Gallery. But Skype didn't stop there. Now, simply long-press a conversation on your Recent tab gives you new options to delete, mark as read, or mute notifications for the message.

Skype proved to continue delivering new features for the new generation.

The Skype 6.11 for Android also enhanced your searches. Now, you can easily search through all conversations, contacts, and group names. Sharing photos from your gallery is also a breeze even on group chats. And who doesn't love GIFs? But Skype calls them Mojis, it's those animated stickers or clips which you can also forward easily to another contact after receiving them.

Not on Android? Don’t worry as the Skype App still packs a lot of fun for your iPad or iPhone with those wacky filters which include balloons, ghost and many more. Preview available filters, record a message, and you'll definitely make your Skype friend crack up after receiving it.

Besides, Android users don’t have the 3D Touch support on Skype for iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus. This feature makes touching the Skype icon on the screen automatically search and have a call option.

Inside the app you can peek into conversation or have the video chats on top of everything else through this support. The 3D touch also allows you to open Skype straight from the dial pad screen to initiate calls so Apple users don’t have anything to be sorry about while waiting for the video saving update.




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