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5 Smart Wearables For Your Pets

Smarten up your pet

Anne Parsons
5 Smart Wearables For Your Pets© 2018 Alachia - Flickr

You’d be forgiven for thinking wearables for pets refers to those cutsy jumpers and coats over-zealous owners put on their perfectly manicured pooches around Christmas time. But I’m talking about wearables of a different kind. Here I’ve found the best tech treats for your pet.


If you want to monitor your dog’s fitness the way you monitor your own, get Whistle. The Whistle Activity Monitor is like Fitbit for your dog which attaches to its collar. You can use your iPhone to see how much exercise your Precious is getting, and if he needs some rest.



Has your dog ever gone walkies without you? This great application called Tagg lets you keep tabs on the whereablouts of your dog at all times. If he gets lost, a microchip isn't going to tell you where he is, but Tagg will. Tagg lets you track your dogs and cats via GPS, as well as functioning as a health tracker in much the same way as Whistle. The waterproof device can be attached easily to your pet’s collar, and is made especially lightweight for the feline contingent of your litter. The smartphone app even lets you set up a geofence called a “Tagg zone” for your pet, so that you can receive text alerts once your pet has gone out of bounds.


Curious about what your adventurous pet gets up to once they leave your eyesight? A spycam would be perfect, right? Well now you can do just that with Eyenimal (I guess ‘PetCam’ was taken). This device lets you film your pets adventurous jaunts with a lightweight camera attached to your pet's collar. Sort of like a Go-Pro, but for your pet. The camera has a 4GB built-in Flash memory, 500mA Li-Ion battery, and can record images continuously for nearly 2 and a half hours. You can download the video to your computer via a USB cable and be entertained by your pet’s weird antics. Would the novelty wear off after a while? Probably. But it’s fun for the time being.


I had a Yorkshire Terrier growing up (still do, in fact). The little rascal never learned a thing about good behaviour, and while we blamed my parents for not teaching him how to behave, they blamed us for the same thing. "Yorkies are particularly hard to train," was the resounding sentiment, paper towel in hand. Next pet is not going to get off so lightly. Pet-Remote should, by right, take the brat out of any pet, by gently alerting them that they are doing something wrong. The gentle alert comes in the form of a vibrating collar, to condition your dog in true Pavlovian style. I'm banking on this one in a big way. 


Okay, okay, a lot of you would argue that cows aren't exactly pets, but I just couldn't help including this invention. It sounds like the folks at The Silent Herdsman are having a bit of a laugh making a 'smart' cow, but their idea is actually pretty interesting. This bovine-friendly wearable monitors a cow’s activity 24/7 via a wireless network and automatically detects changes in normal behaviour. This lets the farmer know when a cow is ready to conceive, and ready to calve. I'm no farmer, but I'd imagine this app could give agri workers a few more sound night's sleep in an otherwise round-the-clock job.  

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