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Snapchat Rated 3rd Favourite Social Network And Studies Suggest It's Set To Overthrow Facebook

Suddenly Evan Spiegal doesn't seem so silly for declining that $3 billion offer...

Molly Holt
Snapchat Rated 3rd Favourite Social Network And Studies Suggest It's Set To Overthrow Facebook

We all remember when Facebook released Slingshot (the suspiciously familiar app which is still failing to actually attract anybody), or when they tried to buy Snapchat for $3 billion. And we all also remember wondering whether Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegal had made a very bad decision turning it down. But, looking at the results of new reports it appears that Spiegal is in fact, probably sitting very smugly in his office.

A recent study from comScore found that Snapchat was ranked number 3 in the leading social media apps popular among American smartphone users between 18 and 34 years old - a demographic dubbed the millennial. A generation that grew up surrounded by oversharing on Facebook and privacy concerns, the app’s popularity most likely stems from its ability to provide a constant, disposable social connection. This group of millennials apparently penetrate 50% of the market, which comScore split up to determine which social networks are accessed most. 32.9% of use was on Snapchat, beaten only by Instagram (43.1%) and Facebook (75.6%). Although Twitter followed the photo-sharing app with 23.8%, it also recently revealed that bots make up 8.5% of the social media site's userbase, so that's a about 23 million 'tweeters' that aren't able to also make use of Spiegals platform.

And the famous photo app's statistics will no doubt continue to grow as technology becomes ever more important. Back in November 2013 (around the time that Facebook acquisition rumours started to circulate), the app’s audience penetration was at just 12.1%, causing concerns when they declined Zuckerberg's hefty offer. Many doubted whether Snapchat’s refusal of Facebook’s outrageous offer was a bit too hasty and arrogant, as in Facebook and Myspace's case numbers only really began to skyrocket once the figures reached 15%.

A study by Sumpto supports Snapchat’s success story, polling nearly 2,000 undergraduate students from US campuses, with the majorityof them reporting Snapchat as their most frequently used app. With 70% of them apparently using the app more than once a day Spiegal claimed a clear top position, with Twitter (46%), Facebook (only 11%) and Facebook-owned Instagram (10%) dragging far behind. Although Zuckerberg’s social network was ubiquitously decided as the least private network (while Snapchat was rated the most) it didn’t seem to affect people’s decision to pick Facebook as their one and only (if, god forbid, they were ever faced with such a choice).

But there's no denying that Snapchat is continuing to attract the masses, and with the world becoming increasingly attached to their ipads, Spiegal's statistics only look set to increase.


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