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Solving 5 Common S6 Edge Problems

What should you do?

Roselle Jean Dancel
Solving 5 Common S6 Edge Problems© 2018 Samsung

I bet when you first purchased your Samsung S6 Edge, you thought that it would a hassle-free phone. I mean, c'mon, it's the S6 Edge we're talking about!

Well, if you thought wrong and you've experienced some problems, here's a cheat sheet to overcoming some of the common problems S6 Edge users have:

1. Overheating


Most S6 Edge users complain about their device overheating. Sure, it can be a great hand warmer, but it's really not good for your phone. This may be due simultaneous usage of, or open, apps.


a) Put your phone on Safe Mode by switching it off, then holding the power button screen. As the screen lights up, release the power button hold, then hold the volume down until the home screen appears. "Safe Mode" should appear on the bottom left if you did it right. Going back to regular mode by switching your S6 on and off again. 

b) Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage. Pick which apps you can close so it doesn't overheat the battery.Samsung S6 Edge Overheating.jpeg2. Persistent Pop - Up


Do you get bothered whenever your phone would have non-stop pop-ups? These notifications usually are about terms and conditions regarding Enchanced Features such as the Profle & Simple Sharing. 


a) Click Agree. Though you risk agreeing with terms you don't want for your phone, at least they stop bugging you. You can just disable this by going to Contacts > your name > Disable Profile and Simple Sharing.

b) Click Decline. But if your phone doesn't stop, go to Contacts > My Profile > Profile Sharing. When you see Registration Information, go to More > Deregister Phone Number.

c) If nothing works, reset it. You may have to do factory resetting, but you risk losing stored data.3. Performance Lag


Lag usually happens when you have to many applications open. You may notice a sluggishness in your S6 Edge's performance. 


a) You can opt to switch off applications by going to Battery > Battery Usage. See which ones are taking up so much power.

b) Turn your device off. Press Home + Power Button + Volume Down buttons altogether until you feel it vibrate. Once you see the Samsung logo, release your hold.Samsung S6 Edge Lag Screenshot.jpg4. Wifi - Connectivity Problems


This usually occurs when you notice slow connectivity, or completely having no Wi-Fi when you browse the Internet.


a) Try resetting your phone. Switch it off and on again.

b) Check your router. It may help to reboot your router by plugging and unplugging it; especially when it hasn't been turned off or rested.

c) Forget your Wi-Fi source by going to Wi-Fi > Wi-Fi name > Forget.

d) You can also head to Wi-Fi and select More. Check if Always Allow Scanning is switched on. It may also help to select Always for your Keep Wi-Fi During Sleep mode.Samsung S6 Wifi Screenshot.jpg5. Scratched Display


There have been accounts of people unboxing a newly bought S6 Edge and seeing hairline scratches on the display. Some don't even notice it until they put it under a direct light source. 


This is not normal. Go back to where you purchased your phone and have it replaced. You deserve a brand new scratch-free phone. Don't settle for any less!Samsung S6 Edge Scratches.jpg

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