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Someone On Twitter Owes Lebron James $10M

The King Is Not Pleased

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Someone On Twitter Owes Lebron James $10M© 2018 KIA

If you have more than 20 cars which includes a Porsche, a Ferrari, a Lamborghini, a Maybach, and a Rolls Royce, will you drive a KIA? If you're shaking your head and saying no, well another Twitter user @TH___3 shares the same sentiment. This prompted him to tweet this statement: "I'll bet anyone $10,000,000 that LeBron doesn't roll up to games in a Kia." Now, he owes the king 10M grand.

The thing is, LeBron James signed with KIA as ambassador for the brand's luxury K900 sedan. So, whether we believe it or not, he really does own one and uses it. Not everyday, but still! ESPN says that a source mentioned that the deal between KIA and James requires the NBA superstar to use the car when he goes to Cavalier games. It doesn't mean he can't drive some of his other sweet rides though.

In the latest TV ad, James responded to the Twitter bet by reading it out loud and even playfully asking his supposed lawyer if the statement is legally binding. KIA made sure to play with the skepticism in everyone's mind to their advantage. In the past, James donated KIA cars to charity which he won from being the leagues' MVP. The car manufacturer has been the official vehicle of the NBA for quite some time and that made the basketball superstar decide to partner with them since last year.

"They're also the title sponsor of the NBA and they did a lot of great promoting as far as the game," James said in a report at the ESPN. "And me being one of the top guys in our league, to try to promote the game, I thought it was fitting."

If one tries to check Trey Herbert aka Twitter challenger, you will see how he is having a laugh at how he inspired a commercial from his tweet. He even said in one that he doesn't have $10M which might not please the NBA star player or his lawyers. Watch the commercial below:

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