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Sony Hacked Again!

The PlayStation Network was down early Monday morning

Nicole Billitz
Sony Hacked Again!

For the second time in the past month, Sony has been subjected to hackers. The Japanese firm’s Hollywood corporate network was attacked last month which leaked unreleased movies, and confidential information about actors’ salaries. On Monday, Sony’s online PlayStation Network and store were taken down. Upon visiting the site the message, “Page Not Found! It’s not you. It’s the internet’s fault” is found.

The hacker group claiming responsibility is “Lizard Squad”, or LizardPatrol on Twitter, and they also claim responsibility for the Microsoft Xbox network shut down that happened for one day last week. The anonymous collective is apparently operating from a Russian based website. Apparently this attack is only a “small dose” of what is to come during the Christmas season.

The error on the page was found until about 10am GMT. The attack comes as Sony celebrated its 20th anniversary over the weekend.


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