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Spacesuit Technology in Menswear

Technology to make you sweat less

Anne Parsons
Spacesuit Technology in Menswear © 2018 Ministry Of Supply

Walking through the streets of Washington, DC in the summer is the equivalent of navigating your way through an enormous loaf of bread. It’s hot, dense, and humid. And it makes you sweat like crazy. Of course you’d prefer to go casual and wear a t-shirt, but that’s just not an option. You arrive at location B in a visible hot mess, and there’s really nothing you can do.

Well the kind people at Ministry of Supply (MoS) want to make that not happen. They have come up with a clever way of using the same materials that NASA uses in US spacesuits to regulate body temperature, but in a nicely tailored dress shirt. 


NASA didn’t exactly have your appearance in mind while developing their phase-change materials (PCMs), but one of the MoS founders had a lightbulb moment while while studying spacesuit design for travel to Mars at MIT. PCMs are materials that can absorb and release heat depending on the temperature which have been used in sportswear but not so much in formal work attire.

The Ministry of Supplies folks reached out to the patent holder for PCM technology, Outlast Technologies, and joined another 100 brands who wanted in on the technology, including Timberland.

They initially crowdfunded through a successful Kickstarter campaign two years ago, and has now raised almost $4 million to expand. They have already designed t-shirts and pants to accompany their maiden product, the Apollo shirt. With over 20,000 committed customers, I’m sure it won’t be too long before that vile sweatpatch disappears for good.

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