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Spotify Stalking: Artist Approved

Do You Know Where your Fans Are?

Lauren Messer
Spotify Stalking: Artist Approved

Imagine you're the manager of an up and coming singer or band. You know this person/group has what it takes to make it to the next level and you're really invested in getting them there. As a manager or part of their marketing team, what's the best way to grow their brand? You know you've got to get their music out there, on Spotify, on YouTube, and yes, there's even still an audience on the radio, but where are the listeners that are really going to help this artist make or break it?

Fan Insights lets artists know who is listening to their music, where they are in the world, and even what type of device they are using to tune in. 

If only there were a way to know who was listening, what countries they were in, and if the most common way fans are listening to your artist's songs are on mobile while they're on the train, or online while they're working in the office...with Spotify's new Fan Insights, the team behind the artist may now have more knowledge than ever about who's tuning in.

Fan Insights lets artists know who is listening to their music, where they are in the world, and even what type of device they are using to tune in.

Spotify rolls out with the launch of the beta version of their new Fan Insights dashboard this week. We saw this idea take shape last month when Ed Sheeran was the first artist recorded by the music service to reach 500 million streams. The British pop-star is the second most streamed artist on Spotify with over 2.9 billion plays in total, beaten only by American rapper, Eminem. 

The song that pushed Sheeran over the top, "Thinking Out Loud" is widely used for weddings, special moments or even as romantic accompaniment for an evening in with a significant other. While we know Spotify can track how many plays a song gets, or who is the most listened to artist, the new beta dashboard that will allow artists and their managers to gain insight into where fans are and how they are listening opens up the potential for not only established stars to gain more traction, but also to up the game for artists who haven't previously had as big of a marketing team as they begin to ramp up.

For those just starting out, still excited that their music is even available for download or play on sites like Spotify, this tool could be used to grow their brand, reaching the audiences who already love them and creating more loyalty in a faster, more targeted way. Loyal fans are the best fans, and Spotify is here to connect artists with those people to drive sales and more social sharing all at the same time. 


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