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Stanford WhizzKid Comes Up With New Social App

Ernestine Fu Has Launched HelloWorld

Anne Parsons
Stanford WhizzKid Comes Up With New Social App© 2018 Faris Algosaibi

Three years ago Ernestine Fu was pinpointed by Forbes magazine as one of their "Names You Need To Know". At the time Fu was twenty years old. Fu, who has been likened to a young Bill Gates, by one of her Stanford Engineering professors, has been involved in projects as diverse as co-authoring a book on civic duty, raising VC funds for a social platform, and conducting climate change research. 

Now at the grand old age of twenty three, Fu, philanthropist, venture capitalist, and current PHD candidate has launched a new social app called 'Helloworld'. 


Like all good apps, the premise is simple - tell the world where are you, and what are you doing. Your mapped post can contain text and a picture. You can filter your friends posts by location or by how recently they have been posted. Each post will last for about a day so the people on your social network can see what you’ve been up to, or go to hang out with you if you are nearby.

Your friends will be able to see approximately how far away you are, but they wont be able to see your exact location, much like the Secret app. You can ping your friends to draw their attention to the fact that you are nearby.  

The app is currently in beta testing stage, but I'm sure it will do well with Fu's midas touch.










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