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Steam Taking Sales by Storm...From Amazon

Are 100 Million Users Taking Profits from the Online Retailer?

Lauren Messer
Steam Taking Sales by Storm...From Amazon© 2018 lifehacker.com

So you want to check out a new place with exclusive online gaming deals and a community where you can interact with streaming video and other software? If you haven't been exposed to Steam yet, get ready. The online gaming community could just be the next big thing in ecommerce and video game camaraderie. 

Steam allows you to create new content for games in the Steam Workshop and share with over 100 million community members. 

Earlier today, PayPal revealed a promotional image that signals that the online store's Winter Sale will be starting on December 22nd. The ad encouraged gamers and gift givers to purchase digital gift cards to receive the discounts that start next week. How do you give a gift online? It's easy. Steam lets you purchase the game and an email is sent to the recipient, regardless of whether or not they are a Steam member. As for the digital gift cards, you can buy them in prices ranging from $20 to $100 and Steam's got a considerable catalog that runs on PC, Mac, and Linux, so there are plenty of games to buy.

So, Steam is definitely a great place to get a bargain next week, but do they really have the best deals? Sites like lifehacker have previously done comparisons between the major competitors like Amazon, GOG, and GamersGate and have found that game sales are pretty even between most online stores. However, Steam games did go on sale first 41% of the time. And, with their new adjustment to sales this winter, where Valve will not feature the flash daily deals, consumers are more likely to get a better deal all the way across the board. 

A little overwhelmed by all of the options when you arrive? Don't worry. The site also allows users to discover new games by following Steam Curators. These are individuals and organizations that review games and then recommend interesting games in the Steam catalog. You can use their recommendations to figure out what games or software are best for you or the person you're shopping for this season. Once you know what you want to buy, set up an alert so that you know when your game goes on sale. If you want to avoid the emails from Steam, try the mobile apps for  iOs and Android

The cool thing about this online community is that it doesn't just offer tons of video games. There's also hardware, software, news about whats going on in the gaming world, and even videos like documentaries to download. Steam allows you create new content for games in the Steam Workshop and share with over 100 million community members. You can also get creative in other categories like education, photo editing, video production, web publishing and more. If you haven't discovered this booming online community, take a look next week when games start flying off the digital shelves, 100 million people already are!



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