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Step Into The First Actual Amazon Store

Now Get To Physically See All The Books You Want Before Buying Them

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Step Into The First Actual Amazon Store© 2020 Amazon

For the past 20 years, Amazon has provided everyone the convenience of online book shopping but they've finally opened their first store today, Tuesday, November 2. 


However it won't be like your usual bookstore. Amazon will obviously rely on their Amazon.com data that includes sales totals, Goodread popularity, and their curators' assessments to know what to put on their shelves.



The store will also sell Amazon devices like the Kindles, the Echo, the Fire Tablets, and the Fire TV. All prices will be the same of that online in order to save you from the hassle of comparing which one is cheaper.


The store is located in Seattle's University Village and is open everyday except holidays. Soon enough, more Amazon Books physical stores will be available for every bibiliophile out there.

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