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Sweet Android N From Google Brings Big Changes

Next Generation Deliciousness

Lauren Messer
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What's in a name? These days everyone loves to come up with their own catchy phrase to try to become some sort of hashtag trend or to upload their design and start selling t-shirts with a new term that's going viral for the next two weeks. We look for creativity in our technology because we love the jokes and when something so high tech is relatable to us regular folks. The general population has to try to understand how things work to adopt new platforms and integrate them into their daily lives and simple or funny names help that process along. 

From Google we've seen several clever names for the Android operating systems, all food and sweets related since 2009, so now our expectations let us play a bit of a guessing game before each new version is released. The last few letters have brought us KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow...and now the letter N is up next. Some clever crowd pleasers are declaring that Android N should be called Nutella. Not only because it fits with the theme but because, come on, Nutella is frickin' delicious. Apparently it also cures broken home buttons too. 

Source:Adrian Isén

Okay, we're not suggesting you go dip your phone in a vat of the chocolate hazelnut goodness, but it worked for him! What else could Nutella (if that's what it's called) possibly bring? With each new version we've seen improvements, usually announced at Google IO. So what should we expect from Android N when it is revealed in May of this year? With Android Marshmallow users saw advances in security with the implementation of mandatory encryption and secure boot. Each version has served to move the Android OS forward, but Google has still implemented Chrome OS with its larger devices. This could be where Android N becomes the big game changer. Google has been working to have a platform that is optimal for mobile devices and bigger touch screen operations, like laptops and tablets.

Spread Nutella On Phone.jpgAndroid Nutella, all up on that OS! Source: adrianisén 

But which OS will Google go with? We're betting Android since Chrome is less flexible and has really only had more success in the realm of education. People with Android mobile are familiar with the OS and it would be logical for Google to integrate laptops with this same system to have all devices running together. Android N is also said to bring split-screen mode for tablets and smartphones. Multi-window mode is currently available via Marshmallow but all the kinks are not quite worked out yet. 

We know good things are coming for the next version Android OS, but for now, we'll keep speculating about what the new name could possibly be. Android Nutella seems to be the favorite amongst the internet crowd, but Android Nougat has been tossed in as an option too. We doubt Android Nut Brittle or Android Neopolitan would be as popular, but hey, it could happen.  

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