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Swipe Right To Get Hooked Up With A Job

Jobr, like Tinder, but for jobs

Anne Parsons
Swipe Right To Get Hooked Up With A Job© 2018 JiPs☆STiCk - Flickr

Jobr, is the mobile app that uses a Tinder-like model to connect you to a job, rather than a date. You swipe left or right to help connect people looking for work with job opportunities, while at the same time allowing recruiters to evaluate talent. It tries to filter out unnecessary jobs for you, and unnecessary applicants for the recruiter.

It has been launched for a few months now, and with promising feedback. However like all job applications the key to success is critical mass.

The five person team behind the app may well be able to build up that crucial following (there are currently 1,000 recruiters on the app already) since they have just secured $2 million in seed funding from a various investors including Lerer Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, and Eniac Ventures among many others.


Only recently news spread about Irish Pub hiring applicants solely through Snapchat. The upsurge of apps like these are a welcome disruption to the expected formalities of résumés and cover letters, which leave employers and applicants alike feeling disconnected and disenchanted.  


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