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Take A GoPro Tour To The Gates Of Hell

Intense new footage takes you into the mouth of the Marum Volcano

Michael Cruickshank
Take A GoPro Tour To The Gates Of Hell© 2019 Wikipedia Commons

There are very few places on earth where you can see a lava lake, and this is for most people a very good thing. The environments near these lakes (usually in the crater of a volcano) are filled with noxious and poisonous gasses, searing vents of steam, rocks too hot to touch, and the constant threat of being splattered with molten rock. The spectacle is as much beautiful as it is terrifying.

Luckily, you don’t need to go there yourself, to see this awesome demonstration of nature’s power. A team of adventurers have taken it upon themselves to descend into the crater of the Marum volcano in Vanuatu and get up close and personal with this gate into hell. Filmed on an array of GoPro cameras, you can have a first person view of what it’s like in this extremely dangerous environment.

Check out this amazing video below!

Diving into an Active Volcano from Sam Cossman on Vimeo.

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