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Taking To The Skies Over Dubai

Yves Rossy does it again.

Julius Tabios
Taking To The Skies Over Dubai© 2023 Wikimedia Commons

Swiss Yves Rossy isn't a household name but he sure is headed in that direction. It could be along the lines of, 'It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Yves Rossy...?'. Is the man a superhero? Not exactly. But the man can sure fly... with a jetpack that is. He's flown next to a B17 Bomber, circle Mt. Fuji, and zoomed across the Grand Canyon.

In his latest adventure, he soars over the Dubai skyline and this time he isn't flying solo. He brings along his protege and possibly new wingman Vince Reffet. The two navigate the skies in formation expertly with their jet-propelled wings. Rossy himself muses that 'I am not playing with death. I am playing with my life.' Watch the two daredevils in stunning 4k below:




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