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Teach Your Kid How To Ride A Bike In One Day

No stabilisers necessary

Anne Parsons
Teach Your Kid How To Ride A Bike In One Day© 2019 JyroBike

Once you learn to ride a bike you never forget, as they say. Though it has to be said that it's a hard won skill. There are months of stabilisers and trips to the park, before you can finally let go of the person holding your saddle, and fly off into the...wobble, wobble, boom. 

What if there was an easier way? Someone bright spark out there has invented a training bike that automatically keeps the rider upright and stable, even when they tip or lose balance.

The team of cycling enthusiasts and engineers have designed the bike which claims to teach people how to cycle in a matter of hours. 

The team first made the prototype and raised nearly $200,000 on crowdfunding giant Kickstarter to get the bike into production.

The way it works is that the front wheel in each "Jyrobike" contains a control hub that uses gyroscopic technology to keep riders upright at all times, so that a beginner cyclist can get a feel for the motion of cycling, without falling over, and losing confidence. The technology is aimed at 3-8 year olds who are learning to cycle.

The balance settings can also be adjusted depending on how quickly the learner progresses. The bikes aren#t too badly priced either, starting at about $330 (£198).

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