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Tech Giants Troll Apple Over #BendGate

Some PR departments are having fun today…

Michael Cruickshank
Tech Giants Troll Apple Over #BendGate© 2018 MacRumors - DevinPitcher

As previously reported, Apple’s new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus, have a serious problem: they will bend in your pocket. Users have discovered with horror, that after only a few short days of wear, the iPhone 6 bends along a line of weakness near its volume control buttons, on the top third of the phone.

While there has been no official response yet by Apple on the problem, the company’s competitors have themselves been incredibly quick to respond. In a series of tweets, videos and images, companies like LG, Samsung have mocked Apple over iPhone 6’s new ‘feature’.

Check out some their hilarious trolling below!


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