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Tech Takes Charge: Anonymous Sends Video Warning to ISIS

Hacker Group Anonymous Receives Response from ISIS after Video Warning Goes Viral

Lauren Messer
Tech Takes Charge: Anonymous Sends Video Warning to ISIS

It’s been less than a week since the violent attacks carried out in Paris struck the hearts of people around the world. While there have been other coordinated terroristic attacks before this event, it is Paris that has captured everyone’s attention at the moment as supporters of justice and living a life without fear seek to send a message back to their attackers. The people of France have overwhelming global support that has spread through Facebook, Twitter, and people recognizing moments of silence no matter where they are located.  There are those who are calling for peace, and those who are calling for action.

The traditional media covers diplomatic responses, discusses the right way to respond to violence and the next steps that governments are taking minute by minute. But, we live in a world where more communication is done online than in person, and now more than ever, as investigators dig deep into the profiles of those who planned the attacks and other activities that may be occurring online, one group has captured our attention with a response directly to the terrorists: "We will find you and not let you go."

There are those who are calling for peace, and those who are calling for action.

Hacker group Anonymous released their video Friday night after the attacks, sending a message that many support as victims families and other nations struggle to cope with the tragedies. The video has gone viral as the members of this community come to the defense of innocent people in a time when politics and taking action can be slowed by diplomatic complications. The thing about technology is that it is constantly changing. As humans, we seek validation and comfort from our constant connectivity and as we watched the events unfold on Friday, we tuned in from social media, streaming live online, and rushed to Facebook to see if family and friends had used the Safety Check feature to let everyone know they were okay. 

The threat from this online group has some people rallying but it also leaves room for people outside the tech community to start to think about the capabilities of people with specified skills. The video tells ISIS to “expect cyber attacks” and while tech savvy people may know what this means, other communities have no idea how this could be used to wreak havoc on a violent terrorist group. Most likely, Anonymous will continue to expose ISIS plans and information that they discover via social media. It comes as no surprise that social media is one of the most effective ways that ISIS recruits new members and disseminates information to influence bigger audiences. This breakdown on Tech Insider gives some insight to the strategy that Anonymous might utilize.  

Anonymous has since received a telegram channel response from ISIS that calls them “idiots” and proceeds to give advice to its members and subscribers about how to avoid the potential cyber attacks. 

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