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Tesla's P85D Is The True Meaning Of Lighting Fast

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Michael Cruickshank
Tesla's P85D Is The True Meaning Of Lighting Fast© 2019 Tesla Motors

It would be an understatement to say that Tesla is the flagship manufacturer of electric vehicles in world. Not only have their vehicles proved that all-electric cars are both practically and economically viable, but also the company has pushed the boundaries of technology to constantly bring futuristic and innovative vehicles to the market. Indeed, the company’s latest vehicle continues this trend, and takes the company’s innovation whole new levels.

Unveiled yesterday, the Tesla Model S P85D is the company’s fastest and most advanced vehicle yet. Built on a similar chassis to the original Model S, the car has a completely redesigned drivetrain. This takes the form of a dual motor setup which is combined with a unique all-wheel-drive configuration. Practically, what this allows is incredibly fast levels of acceleration, achieving 0-60 mph in just 3.2 seconds.

Image: © 2014 Tesla Motors

These kind of sports-car specs (on par with the McLaren F1) don’t just stop at acceleration though. The addition of a second motor has allowed Tesla to increase the top speed of the Model S P85D to 155 mph, up from the 130 mph of the original model. Furthermore, the additional of all-wheel-drive makes that car not only handle cornering and adverse weather better, but also increases the overall efficiency of the vehicle, giving its batteries a greater functional range.

Alongside this new vehicle release, Tesla also showed off new technology that will be included in its vehicles to aid in their autonomy. While some of these features, such as parking assist and crash-avoidance braking are already being implemented by competitors, Tesla wants to take this kind of technology to its next logical stop: car autopilot.

Image: © 2014 Tesla Motors

Through a series of sensors, such as GPS, fog penetrating radar, smart cameras and other advanced computing systems, Tesla believes it is possible to make a car that can drive itself in most conditions. While regulations and legal restrictions make it difficult to create fully autonomous vehicles, Tesla believes that cars equipped with its new sensor package could be summoned autonomously on private property, or guide a driver out of harms way in certain situations.


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