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Text A Taco To Your Friends (Literally)

This app will bring you taco-induced happiness

Molly Holt
Text A Taco To Your Friends (Literally)© 2018 XOXCO Inc

Tacos and texting: two of the greatest things that life has to offer… So why not combine them? Well, now you can. With the Taco Text app from XOXCO, each boring line of text you send can be accompanied by a png image of one of four different types of taco: the breakfast taco, the fish taco, the everyday taco or the mystery taco (which is still yet to be seen).

So if you want to bombard your friends with pictures of tacos all day (why wouldn’t you), then you will need to own either an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, as sadly tacos aren’t able to annoy Android users yet. Just give it time...

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