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The 12 Best Bits Of The iOS 9

The updates that also haven't been mentioned

Nicole Billitz
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The 12 Best Bits Of The iOS 9

1. Organized Notifications

You now have a lot more agency over the notifications menu. You can choose if you want yours to appear chronologically, by an app, or you just manually sort them for priority. For example, you can select to have your most recent Mail and SMS notifications appear at the top, regardless of when they were sent.

2. Organized Notes

It’s almost as good as Evernote know, and even better, it can also double as a scrapbook. You can now embed photos, and there are new drawing tools. But there is also a new folders application and you can backup all your notes to your email.

3. Calendar Got Better

It now has integrated event invites, flight information, restaurant reservations and more. Basically, if it appeared on your device at some point (email, Facebook, etc.), your calendar can remind you about it.

4. You Don't Waste Time In Photos

Now you can select multiple photos at once by simply tapping “select” and dragging to hold the images you’re choosing. You won’t have to literally click on each picture anymore.

iOS 9 photo select

5. Life Got Good Between Apps

The new iOS has made switching back to the app you were using previously way, way easier now. The top left corner of your display has a fun new button so you can just go back.

6. Voicemails Are Improved - For Those Weirdos That Still Use Them

Now you can share and send your voicemails from the Phone app. You can share them on iMessage, Mail or any other apps that use an iOS share sheet.

7. FaceTime Got Added To

Now has voicemails, which makes it seem like it’s an actual phone call. Is it necessary, though? Who leaves voicemails?

8. Siri Is Now Trainable

Siri got sassier, that’s for sure. But even better, she can now recognize your voice - which means she will respond to you and only you.

9. WiFi Assist Is A Thing

Because sometimes your WiFi can be a bit dodgy, even when you’re data connection is more reliable, Apple’s newest software has rigged it so you can select this feature that will enable an automatic switch to cellular data when your WiFi is sucking.

10. CarPlay Finally Became Useful

Now supports wireless connections. Apple’s in-car infotainment system will hook up automatically, thanks to the improved menu within the main Settings app.

11. Finally Some Good Suggestions

Frankly, this iOS is just a hell of a lot smarter. If you plug in headphones, a shortcut to the audio app will appear on the locked screen. But that’s not all. Your new software is tracking your most used features, apps and even your location (creepy) to make the best recommendations.

12. Battery Life - At Long Last

Best for last, guys. Apple is finally trying to do something about the awful battery life, and according to them, it will add a full hour to your regular battery life. They managed to do this by altering the ambient light and the proximity sensor, so when the iPhone is placed facedown, the sensor knows your phone isn’t visible, so an incoming notification won’t light up the screen.

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