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The 5 Most Interesting Rumours About The iPhone 6

We try work out just what exactly it's going to be

Molly Holt
The 5 Most Interesting Rumours About The iPhone 6© 2019 Versus

The Sunday of the months, stepping into August gives us that realisation that the end of summer is near, and real life and responsibility are waiting just around the corner. But there’s one thing we still have to look forward to as gloomy September sets in: The release of the iPhone 6. So what is it actually going to be like?


A bigger screen

There’s no denying that to keep up with current competition, Apple needs a few more inches. At the moment it seems like a 1704x960 resolution is most likely, (that’s three times the resolution of the 3g) although there has also been talk of two separate screen sizes being released.


Much thinner

The bigger screen won’t necessarily mean a bulkier device, however, with rumours suggesting the iPhone 6 has undergone even more weight loss. Although we’re not yet sure just how skinny it will be, the (potentially fake) release of a iPhone 6 phone case shows its width as equal to the latest generation iTouch. The case also accompanies a larger screen size and rounded edges - keeping in line with their updates to the iPad Air and design obsessed brand. A thinner device will also probably mean a smaller battery life - also fitting for their reputation - although a consistency that might not be as well received as the bigger screen. Who remembers the days when our leaving-the-house essentials didn’t consist of wallet, keys, phone and of course, your phone charger.


Sapphire screen

However, Apple does appear to be improving at least one of the issues it is most famous for: the classic cracked screen. Covering its newest offering in a sapphire glass screen will massively increase the device’s durability (and cost, too). The rumours surfaced after Apple partnered with GT Advanced to help its mass production of the luxury surface.



Rumours are rife surrounding the photography features of the long awaited handset, such as Chinese website IT168 Mobile reporting that the iPhone 6 would occupy a 10-MP sensor with a f/1.8 aperture lens. However, Apple recently patented a brand new kind of camera technology, which fuses two separate sensors to capture luma data (brightness) and chroma data (colour) to produce one ultimate image. This would also allow for thinner camera lenses and thus a thinner phone in general, integrating well into the design plans.



All to be taken with a pinch of salt, the iPhone 6 could have some interesting new capabilities. Sensors are expected to be incorporated into the new design with a barometer for measuring air pressure and altitude - the perfect addition to their Health app. Reported by 9to5Mac, the revelations come from a code included in the company’s upcoming ios8 software which can track altitude and ambient pressure. After failing to work with the 5s, hearsay suggests that the iPhone 6 device itself may contain part of the capabilities for this outdoor monitoring. Although NFC (Near Field Communication) technology has been around on Android for years, Apple received a patent for it in January, hinting that the new device will be able to process money transactions and send or print files at the touch of a click, too.

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