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The 5 most ridiculous mobile accessories money can buy!

From pepper spray to zoom lenses, you will be left scratching your head.

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The 5 most ridiculous mobile accessories money can buy!© 2023 Etsy

What do you do when you have a good idea for a product? Integrate it with a smartphone of course! Check out this list which we have compiled of the weirdest, most pointless or otherwise ridiculous smartphone accessories that money can buy.

iPhone Pepper Spray

It can make calls, send texts, and connect to the internet, but until now, the one thing your phone couldn’t do was defend itself (and its owner). Well worry no more, as a new kickstarter has emerged for Atomyzer - an Indian startup looking to integrate a spray can into a rather bulky plastic case. According to their official page, the case will be good for up to 50 sprays, and will be compatible for perfumes, deodorants, and of course, the humble pepper spray.


Smartphone Lens

Now that you’ve got a 42 megapixel camera on your phone, how can you further improve your Instagram photos? Obtrusive lenses are the obvious answer. PhotoJoJo can sell you a full set of phone lenses, with effects such as zoom, fisheye, polarizer and macro, compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.


iPhone Handlebar Mount

Riding a bike is traffic is already a highly dangerous activity. But what could make it more dangerous than interacting with your iPhone at the same time? PhotoJoJo once again has you covered, enabling you to easily be distracted by your smartphone while simultaneously weaving through traffic. Just hope you don’t get caught by the police with this one…

Tablet Typewriter

Typewriters, a long outdated, heavy, and incredibly noisy piece of technology are having a renaissance thanks to hipsters. But what if this is still too mainstream for your fashions? Then maybe connecting it to a tablet might be your answer. For just over 800USD you can mount your tablet on an old typewriter, reducing its functionality, and increasing it’s weight tenfold. Not to mention everyone in your local latte store will hate you.

Smartphone Headset

Think that Bluetooth users look too normal? Then why not just attach your entire phone to your head. Luckily the Cell-Mate is here to help you on your quest to looking ridiculous. According to their website you can just Simply attach your phone to the Cell-Mate, slide it over your head, and you're ready to go!Just don’t expect any of your friends to be going with you.

[Lower Images: Atomyser, PhotoJojo, Etsy, Cellmate]

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