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The 5 Scariest Video Games We’ve Ever Played

We wouldn’t recommend playing any of these at night...

Michael Cruickshank
The 5 Scariest Video Games We’ve Ever Played© 2018 Flickr - Tom Francis

1. Doom 3

While previous installations of the Doom series were composed of pixelated spires, Doom 3 was something completely different. As one of the first games to combine surround sound, and a dark, dynamically lit environment, we spent the vast majority of this paranoidly shooting into the dark.

2. Dead Space

As one of the most claustrophobic games we have ever played, Dead Space has kept us awake for more than a few nights. Featuring intense, jump-scare heavy combat against grotesque alien monsters, and a combat system where you never feel like you really have the upper hand, this game was the leader for scares on the PS3.

3. Slender: The Eight Pages

What's scarier than the monster behind you? What you imagine it to be. This simple indie game based on the Slenderman mythos had us wandering around a dark forest with no weapons, collecting pages while you are pursued silently from behind. Through ingenious game mechanics, Slender ramps up the tension, and makes you terrified to see what is actually following you.

4. Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Another indie game on this list, Amnesia would be a serious contender for the scariest game ever made. While most other games give you tools with which to defend yourself, this game instead creates a situation where you can only run or hide. Should you fail at either of these tasks a grisly death awaits at the hands of the ghouls which pursue you .

5. Outlast

The most recent original take on the survival horror, Outlast puts you in the shoes of a journalist investigating reports of supernatural activity in a mental institution. Along your way you are forced to flight and flee from deformed inmates and evil spirits all the while slowly losing your own sanity.

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