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The 5 Things Windows 10 Doesn't Have

With a new era, comes new tools. Here are the tools Microsoft is swiping left for

Nicole Billitz
The 5 Things Windows 10 Doesn't Have © 2023 Microsoft

With Windows 10 almost here, we all know about the newly added upgrades. What most of us forget, however, is that Microsoft has also gotten rid of some tools and features. Here are the 5 tools you will miss the most:

1. Windows Media Center

Sure, it was long in coming, but this bundled application had its use. Now, after the update, even if you installed it previously, it will no longer appear. Worry not, though, you can find third-party apps that are unbundled and do it better.

2. DVDs Will Require Additional Software

That’s right. With streaming becoming so popular, and with Microsoft’s own Xbox Video service which allows you to rent and buy all your films, you will no longer be able to play DVDs natively.

3. Desktop Gadgets

From the weather, to the calculator, to your CPU usage, you can say goodbye to the gadgets from Windows 7. However, there is potential in the Live Tiles from Windows 10, so maybe it’s not a totally lost cause.

4. Upgrades Will Automatically Install

So you will no longer have the option to chose not to install, or to procrastinate it.

5. Windows Essentials

The original OneDrive, even before SkyDrive, most of the apps (LiveWriter, Movie Maker) have been replaced and integrated within the new OneDrive app. So it’s no surprise that this is the last we will see of the original 2009 software.


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