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The 6 Best Wearables From 2015

Nicole Billitz
The 6 Best Wearables From 2015 © 2018 ASUS

1. Sony Smartwatch 3

It’s only $188, which is why it makes the top of the list, because it still manages to have some excellent specs: Snapdragon 400 processor, 512GB of RAM, 4GB of storage, along with Bluetooth, GPS, NFC, and Wi-Fi. Basically, you can run with it, but you can also connect with it. It’s dust and water resistant, so hop in the shower and don’t worry about. It’s not entirely beautiful, but for the price, it sure is.

2. Apple Watch

Obviously it’s a very cool design, but it’s feature-packed, too. It has hundreds of apps, but it can also send and receive calls, messages, and photos. It has a battery life of a bit more than one day, and runs very slowly. Overall its a great wearable, but it seems more like a toy than a tool. It costs $549.00.

3. LG Watch Urbane

It has an incredibly beautiful design, and it supports the latest Android Wear. This is LG’s direct response to the Apple Watch, and while it does have Wi-Fi, that’s about the only thing that sets it apart from the others. It costs around $299.

4. Pebble Time

With a battery life of three days, and its paperweight color display, it’s also water resistant for showering. It works with iPhones or Androids, and it costs $199. It needs to be connected to Bluetooth to work, though.

5. Asus ZenWatch 2

It’s pretty stylish, and smaller than its predecessor, which is also why the battery shrunk down, but Asus says it will still last around 4 days. However, Asus added a bunch of new fitness features, and a remote control for the camera so you can switch from the front to the rear and adjust the zoom. It supports Wi-Fi. It will cost around $190.

6. Moto 360

It looks very premium, with a stainless steel frame, leather band, and it’s analog watch face. But it has a pretty low battery life (at best you will get a day) and the processor is pretty plain and not incredibly efficient. It’s currently priced at $149.

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