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The 6 Most Memorable Tech Adverts EVER

Media masterpieces of the modern world

Molly Holt
The 6 Most Memorable Tech Adverts EVER© 2018 Xbox

Sony Xperia - The Donor

There's no denying that everybody likes a bit of gore, so Sony certainly hit the spot with their Xperia PLAY advert, mixing humour with gruesome imagery.

Apple - Hello

A massive contrast to their current clean, high-tech designs, but much more iconic with its integration of some of the most iconic films and shows of the decade.

Samsung - Next big thing

This ads popularity is seemingly unending, resulting in both a line of tshirts reading 'dude, you're a barista' and spurring on a whole new generation of tech comparison adverts.


Sony - Dear Playstation (Grandma edition)

PS3 made a range of different Dear Playstation commercials, and all of them were brilliant. But this one, this one is most definitely our fave. WITH A STICK.

Xbox - Invitation

if you were able to peel your eyes away from the advert's sheer entertainment long enough, then you were probably grabbing your bankcard and legging it to the shops. If only for the chance to potentially be picked up by Spock or Gerrard.

Sony - Michael

A slightly similar idea, this Sony ad features over twenty video game references, and fully encapsulates the essence of video gaming. Although it seems long, its worth every second for that incredible ending. It was on this day, that Sony officially won the internet. 

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