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The 7 Things We Want From The LG G5

Nicole Billitz
The 7 Things We Want From The LG G5

I liked the G4 as much as the next person, don’t get me wrong. But somehow, it didn’t manage to make the splash the G3 did. I know 2016 is a long way away, but a girl can dream.

 1. All-metal

I’m not going to repeat myself again: you don’t put your flagship in plastic - it looks cheap. Although the leather of the G4 was certainly not the plastic of the G3, it wasn’t a much better call. It was new and different, but also, it looked really weird. Metal is the finish every high-end handset needs to sell well.

2. Fingerprint Scanner

Because get with times. Apple has it, Samsung has it, hell even OnePlus is rumored to have it. It is the future. Even worse, though, the G4 has a really prominent power button on the back of the device, which would have been the perfect opportunity.

3. Curved

Because not only is it incredibly sexy, but just look at the massive splash the G Flex 2 made back in January. However, we want curves with functionality, not just looks. Take a note from the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and use your edge for extra notifications.

4. 4K Screen

Because 4K is here to stay, and we better get used to it. True, there is no difference to the actual naked eye, but if LG wants to compete, it will have to step up its game. The G4 might have had QHD, but so did the G3. We need something new and innovative on the 5.5-inch screen. Besides, by next year, VR will become a commonplace thing, and if we get 4K on this bad boy, we’re looking at 3,840 x 2,160 pixels - or 801 pixels per inch, which means that it will be a perfect device to hook up your VR headset to.

5. Battery Life

Obviously, if we have a 4K screen, we will need a hell of a lot more battery life to boot. The last LG that had an impressive battery life was the G2, so it’s far overdue for a total makeover. To really be something special, I would like to see two full days of battery life.

6. Camera Upgrade

Obviously, the G4’s camera is pretty slow to launch and that’s unacceptable. The G5 could also have improved low light capacity.

7. Cut Down The Bezels

We love the 5.5-inch screen size, don’t get me wrong. But the handset feels a bit bulky in your hands, which is why we need to trim down all the bezels and make a tighter, more compact smartphone.

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