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The 8 Best Things About iOS 9

It's basically everything Android has

Nicole Billitz
The 8 Best Things About iOS 9 © 2023 Apple

The first public iOS 9 beta went live last week for regular users to download and install. Users can know take a peek on their iPhones, iPod touches or iPads before the final version is released this fall.

Until then, I’ve gone ahead and highlighted the best features of the iOS 9. 

1. Search suggestions

The search didn’t just get smarter, but it’s practically Google. You can ask your search for simple conversions and calculations, as well as being able to search through your phone and get a personalized set of recommendations, including news, apps, selected contacts, and even place suggestions based on where you have been recently. Super cool.

2. Searchable settings menu

Finally - say goodbye to the 15 minutes wasted every time you need to remember exactly where you should go to change your app settings or delete some memory.

3. Notifications menu

Now notifying you chronologically, rather than by app.

 4. App switching

Apps now appear like cards that you can simply slide through, which is way easier to manage. Also, when you want to switch to a new app, you will have something very similar to a “back” button, simply slide right back!

 5. News app

This one is a bit unexpected, considering tons of third party apps are doing something similar. But Apple has now created a board that allows you to choose the publications and types of news you follow, and then curates articles based on your preferences. It also gives recommendations based on your previously read articles. 

6. Maps

Finally, a decent support system for public transportation including buses, subways and ferries. Additionally, Maps also got an excellent search upgrade. New browsing capabilities and topic-based search suggestions.

7. Notes app

This also got an upgrade which allows note-takers to now add photos, maps and doodles.

8. Siri

You can now ask follow up questions without restating your initial question (about time, Apple - long behind Cortana on this one), and Siri can now search through your phone and show you photos or notes upon your request. Even better, Siri can provide app suggestions based on your habits.

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