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The 8 Best Travel Apps

From flying, to exploring, these apps have got your back!

Nicole Billitz
The 8 Best Travel Apps

1. SkyScanner

This app will guarantee that you get the best price possible for your flight to anywhere in the world. For those with time but not money, it also has a “flexible” feature, so you can see which days are cheaper to fly on. It doesn’t take a percentage or a fee, so it’s completely free.

2. Options Away

It seems like we can never get our timing right with flights, right? As soon as we book, flight prices go down, and if we wait, we pay premium buck. Well, this company allows you find the best deal currently available, and then lock the price down for 21 days. So if a better deal comes along during those days, you can book that one. But if flight prices go up, don’t worry! Options Away will let you pay the original price you found.

3. Couchsurfing

Although it’s weird for Americans, the rest of the world has adopted Couchsurfing with open arms. You do generally stay on a stranger’s couch, but you also usually end up meeting a lifetime friend, a fantastic tour guide, or a wonderful chef. It’s more about the company than the free place to crash.

4. AirBnB

For those that have more money to spend or are traveling in bigger groups, AirBnB allows for individual people to let out their apartment. This is nice because every apartment is different, and you can choose the one best suited to your needs and tastes, and its much cheaper than a hotel.

5. Trover

It combines Instagram, Pinterest and TripAdvisor into one app, with an added mapping feature. You will find any restaurant or service on here. Also, there is less likely to see fake posts, because you can only upload original photos.

6. Trail Wallet

This amazing budget app and expense tracker lets you organize by trip or month, and you can set a daily budget, so the app can let you know if you’re on track and how much you have left to spend, while you add expenses as you go. Bonus: It lets you add the different currencies without converting.

7. PPLConnect

This is still a little known secret, probably because it’s only available via Android. This communication app was the original continuity SMS. It allows you to hook up your phone to your computer, and while you leave your phone while off gallivanting, you can check your Chrome browser to see who has been calling and texting, and return those calls and texts through your phone.

8. Pro HDR

All photographers agree - this is by far the best add on to your iPhone camera. This app takes High Dynamic Range photography to exactly where it should be, picking the best exposure combinations to ensure that you get exactly the right photo. For those suffering with bad iPhone cameras, this is your answer, it has by far the best contrast on the market, and it has some pretty cool frames and filters.

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