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The 9 Best Ways To Save Battery On Your New iOS 9 Device

Nicole Billitz
The 9 Best Ways To Save Battery On Your New iOS 9 Device © 2018 Tech News Tonight

1. Check Your Battery Usage

With the iOS 8, Apple got their shit together and added a Battery Usage tool which shows you which apps use the most battery. So go to settings, the general, and then battery, and you can now see which app is battery draining.


2. Lower Power Mode

Brand new to the iOS 9, apparently the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus will get one whole additional hour of battery life. Lower power mode means that “mail fetch, background refresh, automatic downloads and some visual effects are turned off”, according to Apple. Your phone will automatically suggest Lower Power Mode when you hit 20%.


3. Turn Off Location Services  

This is a pretty obvious one, but the built-in GPS is a battery drainer. If you check your Settings, Privacy, Location Services, you’ll find which apps automatically have your location services turned on. So just switch them off, or switch off Location altogether.


4. Disable What You Don’t Need

So basically, Bluetooth and WiFi. Sure, it is not like either require tons of power while idle, but its power nonetheless. Simply access your Settings to find both WiFi and Bluetooth. This also means to cool it with the widgets, which Apple gave to us in iOS 8. Really though, you only need a widget for apps you use every day - so delete all your widget games that aren’t Candy Crush.


5. Monitor Background App Refresh

Background App Refresh is a nifty little feature that constantly refreshes all the content in your apps so they’re constantly new when you open them. The problem? This is a massive energy drain. Hit Settings, then General, then Background App Refresh to disable the ones you won’t need.


6. Turn Off Auto App Updates

Since iOS 7, app updates download automatically to your device. To deactivate, go to Settings, App and iTunes Stores, Automatic Downloads. You can also turn off automatic downloads for music as well.

7. Turn Off Animations

The parallax effect, introduced back in iOS 7, allows you to see more depth on your iOS device when shifting left or right on a wallpaper. You also got a zoom effect when you enter or exit a folder of apps. So that’s a lot of animations. Turn it off by going to Settings, General, Accessibility, Reduce Motion.

animations animated GIF

8. Make The Accessibility Setting Count

While we got you there, tweak it. Everything in here can help conserve your battery. For example, you can get a black and white look (Settings, General, Accessibility, Grayscale) or reduce transparency (Settings, General, Accessibility, Increase Contrast, Reduce Transparency).


9. Don’t Use Live Photos As Wallpapers

The “living memories” or creepy Apple monitoring are definitely cute, but they drain a lot of power. If you use one as your lock screen wallpaper, you’re using quite a bit of power. So just say no, kids.

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