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The App That Can Make You The King of Memes

Creating Mash Up Videos and Memes Had Never Been This Easy

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The App That Can Make You The King of Memes© 2023 Spun

Forget Photoshop or After Effects, now creating your own mash up videos or memes just got easier with the genius app called Spun. Seeing the latest trend of short or looping videos along with GIFS, entrepreneurs Andy Miller and Avi Dabir created the app that will make everyone hook on these trend even more.

The app allows users to mash up popular videos available online with their own videos then create their original creations by adding their chosen animation, cutouts, text, and special effects. The idea is to really make it easier than taking a screenshot or clipping the video then using other softwares before uploading it to your social media networks.

Although in the mean time, the app is only available on iOS, the developers are planning to launch it on Android by next year. To demonstrate how easy it is to create your own short videos or memes, watch this short demo:


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