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The Apple Watch Has A Smaller Screen Than You Think

Don’t be fooled by Apple’s videos!

Michael Cruickshank
The  Apple Watch Has A Smaller Screen Than You Think© 2023 Apple

Apple “mesmerised” the world last month with its unveiling of the Apple Watch: the company’s first ever wearable device. Featuring a rectangular form factor, unique software, and novel hardware controls, the device was hailed as a major step for the company. Since then there have been a large number of concerns rising about the device, from its allegedly poor battery life to its less-than impressive IP rating.

Now however, Apple has been revealed to have ‘revised’ their design of the Apple Watch from what we saw at this keynote. After releasing a new video of the Apple Watch, highlighting its form factor, users noted something rather interesting. Through comparing the front-on profile images of the Apple Watch, from the initial video, and now this new offering, online sleuths were able to see that size of the screen has changed.

The new Apple Watch design features a smaller screen area, and a wider bezel. This lengthening of the bezel seems to have come at the expense of screen space on the ‘top’ and ‘bottom’ of the display area. The difference between these two images is probably due to the fact that the original video shown at the keynote was based off product renders, rather than a finalised product.

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