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The Apple Watch Is Here!

This is will blow Samsung, LG, and Motorola out of the water

Michael Cruickshank
The Apple Watch Is Here!© 2019 Apple

We waited for it, and now its finally here - the Apple Watch! Not called the iWatch as previously expected, the device is nonetheless hugely revolutionary. From its customized metal straps, to its gently curved rectangular face, all the way to the unique UI, the Apple Watch is something that the company has clearly spent a huge amount of time perfecting.

In terms of form, the iWatch is a roughly rectangular smartwatch, which curves at its corners. In addition the screen itself is made of gently curving sapphire crystal, which curves away towards the edges of the device . On the right hand side of the device is a unique control knob which Apple refers to as a ‘Digital Crown’, while below it is a second physical button which activates other software features.

The device will come in 2 separate sizes, one large, and one small, evidently aimed at male and female users. In addition, the watch will be available as part of three separate collections. In terms of hardware, the watch will run off a fully integrated S1 processor chip, while also featuring an actuator which allows the device to utilise haptic feedback.

Image:In terms of software, Apple has taken pains to create a UI which is easy to use despite the watch’s small screen. As well as using multi-touch gestures, the watch also utilised the Digital Crown on the side of the device to allow controls such as scrolling and zooming, while at the same time doubling as home key when depressed. In addition, the button below it allows a user easy access to their recent contacts.

Furthermore, the watch features a wide variety of digital faces which can take the form of futuristic space-scapes all the way to more traditional watch face designs. Apple also integrated voice controls through Siri, and a compressed information interface called ‘Glances’ similar to Google’s Android Wear information cards.

Stay tuned for more information on the iWatch in the coming hours.


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