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The Apple Watch Killer?

Samsung might be on to something...

Nicole Billitz
The Apple Watch Killer? © 2019 Samsung

With fashion as the “inspiration” for the new Gear S2, Samsung has taken the “classic circular watch, infusing it with functional technology and creativity”. 

Samsung did something pretty sneaky during its Unpacked 2015 event. After announcing the much publicized Galaxy S6 Edge+ and Galaxy Note 5, it added (almost as an afterthought) a Lookbook for mobile devices, and snuck in, at the very back, the Gear S2.

What was once considered a “fad” in 2014, wearables have made themselves a permanent fixture of tech in 2015. In July, Strategy Analytics reported that 28.1 million smart watches will be shipped in 2015, and 15 million of those will come from Apple alone.

For every five smartwatches, four of them are Apple’s. Obviously dominating the wearable industry, the Apple Watch has been trending for numerous reasons (primarily among them, however, is simply that Apple trends), part of which, Samsung seems to believe anyway, is style.

As such, Samsung has taken fashion a little bit more seriously. As the “inspiration” for the new Gear S2, Samsung has taken the “classic circular watch, infusing it with functional technology and creativity”.

Looking strikingly similar to the incredibly stylish and classy LG Watch Urbane, in terms of design and size, the all new Gear S2 doesn’t have many officially announced specs, as it will most likely be announced this September during the IFA 2015 in Berlin.

However, we do know there will certainly be a heart rate monitor (after all, it’s the least a smartwatch can do). It’s also incredibly likely have messaging capabilities, phone calls, weather, calendar, microphone, settings, a running app and Nike+. Obviously there will be a lot more apps as well (hopefully a few more innovative and distinguishable ones).

Also, as it is Samsung, it will run a Tizen processor.

From the photo, it also appears that there will be a rotating bezel for navigation.

Thankfully, it appears that the Gear S2 won’t come with only one face. It appears that there will be numerous different straps, faces, and styles to choose from.

Let’s hope this is finally the smartwatch that makes the Apple Watch come undone.  

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