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The Best $20 You Ever Spent

Never lose anything again with Tile

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The Best $20 You Ever Spent© 2023 Tile

We’ve all been there. You’re just about to leave the house and then, oh wait, where did you put the keys? Or your wallet? Or those nice red headphones?

Well, now you no longer need to dig around under the sofa cushions while shouting expletives, because Tile is here. And it can keep track of your possessions using an app.

A bit too big to fit on your favourite sunglasses, the wheat-thin sized square can be attached to your keys, stashed in your wallet, or stuck to your laptop and then next time you they go missing, simply locate your lost possessions by using the Tile app, which can track them using bluetooth. The app can recognise up to eight tiles, and each can be assigned a different name and photo.

Image: © 2014 Tile

If your lost item is within a 50-150 foot radius, click “find” and the tile will emit a melody, as well as telling you whether you’re moving nearer or further away from it. But what happens when you’re out of the bluetooth range? Well, that’s where the rest of the Tile community get involved. Each tiny tiles is able to pick up signal from anyone else who has downloaded the app, and will update you where your Tile was last in range. For example, if you left your wallet at a Starbucks, as soon as somebody else with Tile walked past, the app would record send its location back to you. So the more people that get involved, the bigger the coverage will be. The only downsides? Tile is currently only available on ios due to its Bluetooth 4.0 Technology. Oh, and once its been a year, prepare to say a sad goodbye, as the batteries on your new best friend will be nearing their death… along with any beloved possessions they’re attached to that you’re still trying to hunt down. Pre-order price is set at just under $20 and Tiles will be ready to ship this Autumn.

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