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The Best Apps Released This Week

All available on both iOS and Android.

Molly Holt
The Best Apps Released This Week© 2019 Cristiano Betta - Flickr


Sick of scrolling through your Facebook feed to see the majority of people moaning about their job/children/anything else that’s totally irrelevant? Well now there’s a social network that allows you to only communicate with people who share your similar interests, whether it’s fashion, politics or dogs. Over 3,000 interest-based groups provide a more stimulating social media experience, away from the ignorant moans that are spewed all over Facebook. With 2.3 million current visitors, the site has been described as both a more visually-orientated version of Reddit, and similar to Pinterest due to its content categories and mosaic-style layout. The specially tailored communities are highly sought over by advertisers who can target their ads at specific users.


The app has put the final piece into the connection puzzle. Always on our phones, yet still communicating via written messages to tell people how far away we are from the restaurant, or only realising we were in the same place at the same time once we see it on Facebook a few days later. So that’s where Jink comes in.  Once you’ve signed up with your mobile number, you can start using your private profile to make meeting up a lot easier. Both you and whoever you’re meeting up with will appear as geotags based on the GPS from your phone, which will move with you as you travel nearer to each other. Messages you send to each other also appear as bubbles on the map, so there’s no need to switch between different windows. Then, once you find each other, the app automatically turns off so no unnecessary battery will be wasted (unlike competing synchronized map apps). You can also manage your location tracking yourself though, pausing it or letting it expire if a plan falls through. And in group meetups, only the creator can see everyone’s location, to let everyone keep their privacy until they agree to share it. You’ll never be stood outside the wrong Starbucks ever again.


There’s a lot of photo editing apps out there right now, but Pixite brings a lot more to the table than VSCO Cam’s watery porridge. It's new app Matter allows you to add 3D effects to your pictures with expert shadows and reflections that don’t look like they just came straight out of clipart. There’s also a Free For All photo area where you can nick photos that other people have shared (as long as you credit the original artist of course). The 3D shapes and their intelligently applied shadows and reflections can also be turned into an animated loop as they twist, pulse and hover on top of your image.

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