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The Best iPhone 6 Rendering in 3D

New Versus WebGL rendering most convincing to date

The Best iPhone 6 Rendering in 3D © 2018 Versus

Gone are the days when you have to wait until the official release of a phone for you to get a feel of what it looks like. Now, with the aid of the internet, it is almost impossible for companies such as Samsung, LG or Apple to protect their highly anticipated smartphones from revealing design leaks. And of course, no phone is more highly anticipated than the iPhone 6.

The graphical design team at online comparison engine Versus however has gone much further than just leaking a design rendering. They have taken all the information that is so far available on the iPhone 6’s design, from screen size leaks, to possible case designs, to even leaked internal Apple documents, then combined this information into a strong and compelling set of rough dimensions.

This was then complemented with an in-depth understanding of Apple’s design philosophy, creative direction, and also prominent trends within the smartphone market.  With this information and research, the team was able to extrapolate out a highly plausible concept rendering of the smartphone that everybody is talking about.

Interesting features of the 3D model include:

  • A 4.7 inch screen size, considerably larger than earlier models
  • 1334x750 pixel 326ppi Retina display
  • Similar volume control buttons to the iPhone 5C
  • Unified design language with the iPad Mini
  • A larger sapphire crystal home button/thumbprint biometric scanner.

While in previous leaked designs, we were able to see just one or two blurry photos or some low resolution renderings, Versus is bringing iPhone fans much much more. With their unique Versus3D WebGL platform, which the company has recently debuted,  users are able to explore the iPhone 6 model in full 3D. Any angle, and every fine detail can be viewed, all in a high-resolution, dynamically lit environment.

The complete iPhone 6 3D model can be viewed here - check it out - it sure is amazing!

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