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The Completely Useless New Feature Of The Kindle

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The Completely Useless New Feature Of The Kindle© 2018 Amazon

Have you ever wanted to read a book in the shower? If it wasn’t for those pesky paper pages that would inevitably turn into a giant sludgy lump, nothing would hold you back. Personally, I've always felt rather limited by the inconvenience. By the same measure, I’ve never been scuba diving, but I imagine it would be an opportune time to take whip out a Jonathan Franzen.

Well obviously the folks at Kindle have everyone’s interests in mind, with their new, utterly brilliant waterproof model, Waterproof Kindle Paperwhite, which is completely waterproof and can be submerged in 200 feet of fresh or salty water, for any length of time. Fantastic. At just 100 or so quid more expensive that a standard model, at it's a steal at $299.99. After all, what’s money when you can read your book while washing the dishes.





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