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The Day Apple Fanatics Have All Been Waiting For

Release date and new rumours have been announced

Molly Holt
The Day Apple Fanatics Have All Been Waiting For© 2018 Apple

Its official. Apple fanatics can now mark September 9th on their calendars.

The invitation screams Apple, with the date accompanied by a large but sophisticated logo, and a single, teasing tagline that reads “wish we could say more”. And their tactics have definitely worked, with the whole internet talking and guessing about the long-awaited unveiling as if we’re back at high school again.

All the excitement will occur at the Flint Center for the Performing Arts in Cupertino, California - the exact same place that, 30 years ago, Steve Jobs introduced the world to the Mac - and further hints that Apple are about to begin a brand new revolution. The venue is not only the home to past historical Apple moments, but also a lot bigger than either of its usual venues, and big venue, means big announcement. A large structure is also being erected near the Flint Center (according to MacRumors), although local administrators are not specifying what the structure is for “due to client wishes”. Well, we wouldn’t expect anything less from the notoriously secret Apple, who have probably set it up purely as a distraction.

Phone-wise, Apple is supposedly unveiling two different versions of the new iPhone 6; a 4.7-inch screen, and a 5.5, in order to keep up with competition from their phablet rivals (Samsung, HTC and Huawei, we’re looking at you).

The internet is also rife with reports that as well as the next generation iPhone, it will also be bringing out its first wearable device. Tim Cook has already bagsied the term ‘iWatch’, obtaining the trademark for it in several countries, although this is no guarantee that this will be the devices final name. The iWatch is expected to work alongside the HealthKit framework that the company has integrated into iOS 8, which will monitor users’ bodies for both personal and medical information. The Wall Street Journal stated in June that the iWatch will use 10 different sensors to measure this information (such as heart rate), and will apparently also be released (like the supposed new iPhone), in a range of different screen sizes. The former CEOS of both Yves Saint Laurent and Burberry have been snapped up by Apple, hinting that their newest revelation will be at the top of the style spectrum - an essential feature that their rivals are sincerely lacking.

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