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The First Futuristic Speaker Design That Will Blow Your Mind

The coolest, craziest, and first futuristic speaker design that floats!

The First Futuristic Speaker Design That Will Blow Your Mind© 2019 crazybaby

Just when you think you’ve seen and heard it all, a Hong Kong based designer will prove you wrong. He has designed a product that will revolutionize how we look and listen to music forever. Introducing, Mars by Crazybaby, the coolest, craziest and most futuristic speaker design that levitates!

Mars is a two-part Bluetooth speaker, which has a cylindrical base and a UFO-looking top that floats off the base and lights up. Allen Zhang, the lead designer and founder of Mars, invisioned this product's asthetics to look like it’s from another planet. And to obtain just that, he devised the lighting pattern to be adjustable so that you can change the blinking LED lights to a circular pattern, which would make the floating disc look like a spinning martian spacecraft!

You’re probably already sold when we said that this device floats, but before you get too excited, we want to tell you about its purpose as to why the developers designed it that way. Other than the fact that this might be the coolest innovation so far; the main purpose of its levitation is to produce a 360-degree sound projection that reduces sound wave absorption into surfaces. Mars speaker system will automatically adjust according to the space of the room or your distance with the device. It will also let you know when the speaker is running out of battery because it will self-land when it is out of juice, and automatically take off when it’s fully charged.

The Mars speaker is the infusion of music and design, and it is truly remarkable. This is the speaker for those who are infatuated with unique designs and good music.

But, if you feel that this speaker is just too good to be true, then you’re probably right. According to reviews, the speakers have some issues regarding its sound quality. Although it is great to use indoors, it is a little too heavy on the bass even after adjusting the EQ settings on the app. When the product was tested outdoors, the bass level was even worse and it wasn’t loud enough to be used outside.

But whom are we kidding? We all know that people will not buy this product because of its sound quality. The thing floats! This is worth my time and money, and it’s certainly something you want laying around your house whenever you have guests. And if a pretty girl at your house party catches your attention but you don’t know how to break the ice? Mars speaker is definitely a conversation starter.

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