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The God Of All Speakers

Logitech UE Boom is the best of the best in the bluetooth speaker world

Molly Holt
The God Of All Speakers

Apart from it blasting some decent sounding music, what else do you want in a speaker?

No matter what you’re buying - whether it a cup of coffee or a new TV - you always have to compromise on something to decide which one you want. Whether its calories over taste, or price over display ratio, you just can’t have it all.

Well, that’s where the Logitech UE Boom comes in. About the size of a water bottle, the speaker is perfectly sized, totally transportable and even water resistant. So you can listen to it in the kitchen, on the beach, and even in the bath. The cylinder shape projects sound in all directions, giving you complete 360 degree song coverage. Its small size doesn’t affect its sound quality: clear and powerful with more bass response and resonant mids than you’d presume would shoot out out of the modest speaker. No matter what volume you blast your tunes at, the UE Boom will last a good 15 hours, although if like me you prefer your parties to last around the 4 hour benchmark, then you Boom will barely need charging.

The range of colours it comes in makes it even more versatile, and if you just can’t choose between them, why not get two, and pair them together into a proper set of stereo speakers via an app. The Boom requires only a few clicks to set up and connects up to 35 feet, so until a bluetooth speaker that prints out free money is released, the UE Boom wins in every way.


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