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The Greatest Star Wars Collectible of All Time

Bring BB-8 Home Using the Force

Lauren Messer
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CES 2016 has geared up this week and is already off to a crazy start with new tablets, toys, and technology being revealed to tons of anticipating professionals. This year's show is the biggest ever with more than 3,600 registered exhibitors and contains presentations from more diverse categories including drones, wearables, and even start ups. Cars may be getting a lot of the attention but there are some other contenders too, like this little guy that robotics maker, Sphero, introduced earlier this year.

If you were impressed by the smartphone controlled version, get even more excited because now you can use the Force.

BB-8 fans everywhere were excited when this tiny version of the droid was revealed. Sphero has been known for its app-powered interactive play experiences over the last several years and continues to evolve. It seems that the company anticipated the popularity of the lovable droid when they launched the smartphone controlled version back in before the movie was released and were unable to keep up with all of the orders. At $150 apiece, the little droids were flying off the shelves and retailers couldn't keep enough in stock. If you were impressed by the smartphone controlled version, get even more excited because now, you can use the Force.

Forget being attached to your phone because Sphero has come out with a wearable that will allow you to control the robot with just a simple motion of your hand. The motions, called "Force Push" and "Force Pull", allow the user to change the direction of the motion of the droid and actually make you look and feel like a Jedi, waving your hand to make BB-8 avoid obstacles and go where you want him to go. The Force Band lookes like a watch and has tons sensors that will pick up user movements and communicate with the robot via Bluetooth. It looks much cooler than controlling the toy with your smartphone and is guaranteed to be a hit with both children and adults. 

BB-8 Next to Force Band.jpgSource:bandwidthblog.com

Here's the video uploaded by Sphero that gives you a peek of your powers. Seems like a pretty cool, interactive gaming experience that brings Star Wars home. Some sites have been calling this little droid toy one of the "most wanted Star Wars collectibles from 2015" and it's easy to see why. It's a fun experience that uses technology to bring to life one of the most popular characters from the latest movie in a series of classic adventures. We hope Sphero keeps it up! 


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