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The LG G3 is Finally Here

The hyper-powered smartphone has been revealed to the public.

The LG G3 is Finally Here© 2018 LG

After weeks of teaser videos and rather obvious leaks, the public can finally now lay their eyes on the latest smartphone from LG: the G3. And what a smartphone it is! From its ultra high resolution Quad HD display, to its customized “low-profile” UI all rolled up in a lightweight ‘metallic skin’ casing, the phone exudes power. Perhaps the only criticism we have for the phone so far is that it could be said to be somewhat overpowered.

The first, obvious factor to talk about when it comes to the G3, is the display. With one of the highest resolutions on the market, the phone’s 5.5 inch, Quad HD 2560x1440 px screen has almost double the pixel density of a Retina display. At 538 ppi the screen is crystal clear and according to LG will nonetheless consume less power than its predecessor. LG also maintains that users can in fact discern the difference between a Full-HD display and the Quad HD display of the G3. While a lot of this depends on the eyesight of the user, the actual difference in image sharpness between these two displays is very minimal.

Beneath the hood, the phone comes with the same top-of-the-line specs that are now common among flagship phones. Inside is the same Qualcomm 801 2.5 GHz quad-core processor which powers the Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8 and the OnePlus One. Backing this is a generous 3GB of RAM, 3000mAh battery and 32GB of memory, which can be expanded through a micro-SD slot.

Form-wise, the phone features what LG calls a ‘floating arc’ form factor - a gently curved back panel - which is allegedly designed to be comfortable to hold in one hand. This backpanel itself is made of a ‘metallic skin’ polycarbonate coating, which provides much of the aesthetics of a metal case, without an increase in weight. On the other side, almost all of the front of the phone is taken up by the 5.5 inch screen, leaving the phone will little bezel, but also making it easier to grip, and lighter in the hand.

LG has also trumped the next generation imaging system of the G3. Featuring a laser range finder, the phone can achieve rapid focus and improved image quality from its 13MP OIS+ camera. In addition, its front face 2.1MP camera has an improved sensor, as well as the interesting ability to start an image countdown using a hand gesture in front of the camera.

Another key area which LG promoted in its new G3 is the redesigned user interface (UI). Built around the tagline of “Simple is the New Smart”, the UI features “flatter” icons and an overall more minimalist touch. Accompanying this redesign are several smart UI features. These include a ‘Smart Keyboard’ which users can adjust the height of to best match their thumb position, and a ‘Smart Notice’ digital assistant which provides natural language reminders to the user in a similar way to Google Now.

Putting all these features in perspective, it is clear that LG is trying to both match and then beat the leading flagship phones when it comes to specs. However, at this point some features, such as increased screen resolution or high-end imaging hardware, are declining in importance, as their tangible benefit to the average user decreases. What may win customers for LG however is its new UI, but we will just have to wait until we can get out hands on the phone to see how well it performs under testing.

Interested in how the LG G3 looks in 3D? Check out and interact with the new stunning 3D model from Versus here.

[Lower Images: LG]

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