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The Luck of the Irish: Get a Job via Snapchat

Irish Pub in Dublin only accepting applications through the Snapchat messenger

Anne Parsons
The Luck of the Irish: Get a Job via Snapchat© 2019 Snapchat

Finding a bar job in Ireland is never too difficult if you’ve got the gift of the gab. Résumés and cover letters are only mere formalities in an industry where your ability to entertain and chat is prized above all else.

Earnest Cantillon, owner of The Sober Lane Bar in Dublin obviously wants to cut to the chase, and forget about all this résumé nonsense by asking for interested parties to send their applications through...Snapchat. Yes, you read it right. Snapchat.

“Make an impression if you want a profession,” the pub tweeted.

Cantillon tweeted the job advertisement last week, and was inundated with over 200 applications in the first hour. Since then, he has received ten times that number in Snapchats.

“First impressions are everything in our game,” Cantillon told the Irish Examiner. “If someone has a good personality, it will come across on Snapchat and we’ll offer them a job or invite them in for a chat.”

How does it work, considering Snaps disappear once they have been seen? According to Cantillon, he follows up using their Snapchat profile.

Cantillon said some of the best snaps so far have been funny videos of a bartender making cocktails and a chef preparing lunch. Apparently some people snapchatted videos of magic tricks. It seems that originality is the key, if you want to impress Cantillon.

Out of the 2,000 people who Snapchatted Cantillon, he will hire between 15 to 20. So far, he has hired six. Perhaps there is still a chance for you. Send your Snap to SoberlaneD4.

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