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The Most Anticipated Tech Of 2014

The big fourth-quarter buying season is creeping upon us which means an abundance of new products are about to hit the stores. Here's what you can expect to see before Christmas.

Molly Holt
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iPhone 6

Apple’s newest offering is one of the most long-awaited releases of the year (of course) and could be introduced to us as early as September 9th, although there’s already some pretty strong rumours over what its going to be like.


iOS 8

The new operating systems release in the third quarter was discussed at this years WWDC and appears to take the flat ios 7 design and round it up with new features and an overarching theme of “convergence”, rather than a total redesign.


Android L

But, in typical tech fashion, Google will not be left defeated and is already plotting against its infamous opponent. Back in June they teased the upcoming “Android L” which, in contrast to Apple, is expected to be jam-packed full of new improvements. A brand new design language (called “Material”) will apparently add depth, colour, shadows and sophistication on top of the technical updates.


Samsung Note 4

And Samsung are also determined not to be left behind by Apple, with their fourth-generation supersize smartphone almost certainly being revealed at their “Unpacked” press conference in Berlin on September 3rd. Bigger specs and a bigger screen are supposedly on the smartphone menu.


Windows 9

It’s safe to say that there has never been an update more desperately needed than Windows 9. Rumoured to be released as early as September 30th, there’s no clear idea on what Microsoft’s newest offering will bring, but we are praying for the return of the start bar. Please.



Ok so we are well and truly over the uninspiring LG and Samsung watches, with their one-day battery life and well, kind of pointless, interface. But after Best Buy accidentally leaked specs and details about the round-faced 360, we’re hoping that it will bring us the same amount of excitement we feel when we see our food coming in the restaurant.


Apple iWatch

Whether it will be released alongside the iPhone 6 as a “one more thing” surprise, or after the buzz has died down is yet to be revealed, but with the Cupertino company hinting at showcasing “new product categories” in 2014, we will undoubtedly be seeing the wearable at some point. Rumours suggest that the iWatch will be an iOS 8-friendly device that plays nice with your smartphone and potentially also featuring a Nike Fuelband SE-inspired fitness tracking and biometric sensors. Ooo, fancy.

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