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The 7 Most Stressful Things About Owning A Smartphone

Yes, we'd rather lose a limb than lose our beloved smartphones, but there's a few things they do that make us more irritated than angry birds does.

Molly Holt
The 7 Most Stressful Things About Owning A Smartphone© 2018 LG전자 - Flickr

1. When somebody is 'typing' in Whatsapp or the dreaded three dots on iMessage. More tense than watching the X Factor final.2. Someone having the same alarm tone/text tone/ring tone as you. And then members of the public seeing you pull out your own device only to for it to confirm that yep, you have no messages and no friends.3. Constantly updating all your apps. Just let me live in peace, please.4. Two words: battery life. 5 minutes ago you were on 30%, now its gone dead. Why? Why, God, why.5. It doesn’t fall gracefully when you drop it. The fear and panic you feel as you peel it off the ground and turn it over to see if, god forbid, your screen hasn't survived this time.6. When you plug it into someones computer and it tries to start a slideshow of all your photos. Yep, even that one.7. Upgrades. They only mean one thing: your model is becoming old and irrelevant. And that is everyone's worst nightmare.


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