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The Narcissist Generation: The Selfie Phone

ASUS has a brand new phone, and it's literally called Selfie

Nicole Billitz
The Narcissist Generation: The Selfie Phone © 2023 ASUS

ASUS, a Taiwanese company, unveiled on Monday their newest ZenFone model, the Selfie. 

If you thought selfie sticks were bad, you’ve got a lot worse coming. The generation of narcissists has manufactured and bought millions of new handsets based on specs of the front camera alone (looking at you, HTC Desire Eye). And ASUS, a Taiwanese company, has added their bid into the hand. On Monday in Taipei, the computer and smartphone maker unveiled their newest ZenFone model, the Selfie.

ASUS design center director Jen Chuang acknowledged the narcissist claim proudly, “I know I’m not the only narcissist in this room”. The Selfie features a back and front camera (obviously), with a “beautification mode”, which edits your face to appear better in the photo - including evening skin tone and softening fine lines and wrinkles, “it’s like wearing digital makeup”, said Chuang. Both cameras boast a 13 megapixel resolution with a dual-tone flash (there’s that beautiful face), and the rear camera features f/2.0 camera with fast and low-light capability autofocus (which the ZenFone 2 doesn’t even have). The front sports a f/2.2 camera.

The Selfie features a back and front camera (obviously), both boast a 13 megapixl resolution with dual-tone flash.

The handset also features a “selfie button”, that can be pressed with the index finger to easily activate the front camera to use shutter. Otherwise, you can activate “selfie mode” by drawing an S on the home screen of the phone. Also supported is a “selfie panorama mode”, so that you can get a beautiful, 140 degree background along with a photo of your (self-obsessed) face.

For those wondering, it will be 5.5-inches, with a pixel density of 403 pixels per inch. It is powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 615, and runs Android Lollipop. It will 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage, which will be expandable via microSD.

Apparently the expected release date is rather soon.

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