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The New Addition To The Android Wear Family

ASUS debuts a surprise new wearable

Nicole Billitz
The New Addition To The Android Wear Family© 2023 ASUS

The latest Android Wear device comes from ASUS, who just debuted their first smartwatch only a half a year ago. While the new ZenWatch 2 looks pretty similar to the original ZenWatch, there is some new extras. Noticeably, there is a new crown on the right hand side.

The ZenWatch 2 comes in two sizes, one for 22m straps and one for 18mm straps, with a variety of colors and prints for the bands.

It has the same AMOLED screen with the 2.5D Gorilla Glass and we know it has an upgraded Qualcomm processor, but unfortunately ASUS is being hush-hush about the whole thing.

It does, however, have a magnetic charger cable which allows for the charge time to be drastically improved - and the new 22mm watch comes with an additional “Chargeback” power pack case for your on-the-go battery emergencies!

It’s also now IP67 water and dust resistant, which may help keep your wristwear on your wrist for longer. It also has a new, improved Remote Camera feature that can link up to your handset.

Each wearable comes in silver, gunmetal and rose-gold, and has a variety of straps in leather, metal and rubber.

Unfortunately ASUS hasn’t mentioned the release date just yet, and they are also being secretive about where the device will be available. However, if the original ZenWatch was any indication, we'll be seeing it worldwide.


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