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The New iPhone Will Have 1080 Pixel Front Facing Camera

The code from iOS 9 beta reveals some great new clues

Nicole Billitz
The New iPhone Will Have 1080 Pixel Front Facing Camera© 2023 Apple

Since earlier this week, developers at Apple’s WWDC have finally managed to get their hands on a beta of iOS 9. Ever since, rumors of the iPhone 6S have been swirling.

Developer Hamza Sood was analyzing the new iOS 9 beta when he discovered a few lines of code that seemed to indicate that the next iPhone’s front-facing camera will have a massive resolution of 1080 pixels, as well as the ability to capture 240fps slow-motion video and panoramas. Theoretically, this means that the new iPhone front-facing camera will be just as good as the back camera.

Although rumors are often just speculation, this rumor is a juicy one because actually there is code to back it up. Obviously the new code is supporting some kind of camera upgrade, so this rumor is probably pretty close to the mark.

And honestly, it’s about time. Apple has been too far behind Samsung for too long when it comes to the camera. Especially now that the iPhone has received a larger screen, a higher resolution camera would mean way better quality during FaceTime. Also, these days everyone is selfie-ing, so you need a front snapper just as good as your back.

For now, though, the iOS 9 is just in beta - which means that the code will change numerous times before it’s final debut later this fall. Chances are, we will find out in September when Apple releases the next iPhone.  


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